Roofing Services serving Barrie, Innisfil and surrounding communities.

At DLC Enterprises, we offer only the highest quality of roofing to ensure your house not only looks good on the outside, but prevents leaks, or other damage from causing problems on the inside. We have a variety of roofing solutions to fit all of your needs, including TOP, Urethane Foam/Poly urea Coating, EDPM Rubber, Shingles, Metal, Slate and Cedar.

DLC Enterprises is a family run business, holding a strong relationship with all of our skilled roofing contractors. We've hand-picked our crew to ensure you're receiving high quality work from the highly skilled professionals.

With over 20 years of experience serving Barrie, Newmarket, Innisfil, Cottage Country and the GTA - as well as a 9.8 / 10 rating on HomeStars - our work speaks for itself. Take a look at the services we offer below, and contact us today for all your roofing needs!

New Installations

Our roofing contractors will meet with you to discuss your exact wants and needs for your new roof - from style to colour and more. We'll begin by inspecting the site, and follow with setting up tarps and barriers to make sure no falling debris damages your home. After we remove the old, existing shingles, we'll make sure everything has been cleaned, at which point we'll proceed to install your new roof. When everything is said and done, we'll have removed all debris and waste to ensure there's no hassle on your end. When the job is complete, we'll stop by to make sure you're completely satisfied.

Roof Tune-Ups

Looking to spruce up your roof without completely replacing it? Our experts will sit down with you to discuss your needs - whether you need nails replaced, or a few shingles, or simply want to take some precaution with preventative maintenance.

Winter Shovelling

Roofs need maintenance all year round - and our roofing experts can assist with shovelling heavy snow off your roof to prevent weather damage and leaks.

Roof Maintenance

We can help you maintain your roof's looks and durability. We can look for mossing, damaged, or curled shingles (as well as other signs of wear and tear), check for mould or fungus, check all metal areas of your roof for rust, and check if your flashing is solid.

Doors & Windows

In addition to installation of roofing products, we can also assist you with the installation of new doors and windows.


Our highly skilled workers have all the necessary knowledge and equipment to repair or install your home's siding.

Sky Lights

We offer sky light installation services to those who want to let a little more light into their homes. We'll begin by inspecting the site and ensuring there are no major issues (such as wiring) that would cause installation problems. Once everything has been checked, we'll begin by cutting a hole into the roof so we can install the sky light. We'll then flash the sill, which will help keeping the sky light in place. After this, we'll place the skylight into the slot, and seal in the sides. Once we're complete, we're confident you'll be happy with the extra light now brightening your home.

Roof Repairs

Experiencing drips and leaks, or even a draft? Our roofing contractors can help you through repairing your roof. We'll inspect the damaged areas, and present you with the best course of action. We can assist with everything from caulking, sealing, flashings, replacing shingles and more.

Roof Inspections

If your in need of inspection services - whether its to get an idea of what kind of work needs to be done, or just for peace of mind - our roofing experts can come to your home and inspect all areas of your roof.

Other Roofing Project

Do you have a unique project that doesn't fit in the scope of traditional roofing work? Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs, and we'll do everything we can to accomodate.

Trailer Rentals

For all the do-it-yourselfers out there, DLC Enterprises offers trailer rentals to assist with self-installation of new shingles or a roof.


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